How To Get Your Book Published


Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

This book gives important information on how to get your book printed and published. It also introduces and explains the purpose of DayStar Publishing.

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Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

Many people want to write a book but for varying reasons are held back. They may have questions like: How do I get started? What do I need to know about typesetting? How do I get a copyright? What is an ISBN number? What about a Library of Congress number? Do I need a barcode? How do I get my book printed? How many should I print? How much should I sell it for? How can I get my book into bookstores?

Dr. Gipp having authored and published more than a dozen books answers these and many more questions. Now you can benefit from what he has learned from his experience. But, there’s more.

This book introduces you to Daystar Publishing, a company that may be able to help you publish your book. It will help you with ISBN numbers, Library of Congress numbers and copyright information. Beyond that, it provides you an avenue that may be able to place your book on the shelves of hundreds of bookstores. This is much more than just another “How to…” book.

80 pages, softcover.

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Dr. Samuel C. Gipp


80 pages, softcover.


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