About Us

DayStar Publishing is a publishing company.

Publishing a book is the method used to let the public at large know that your book exists and is available for purchase. There have always been two methods for publishing a book. One, go all over the country at your own expense and visit bookstore after bookstore and try to get them to sell your book, or two, sell your book in manuscript form to a publishing company that will publish the book at its own expense.

DayStar is a publishing company, not a printing company. We will not take books in manuscript form and print them. Before we will publish a book, it must be submitted in manuscript form and be approved by DayStar for publication. This approval must be secured by the author before the book is printed. If approved, we will take books that are printed by the author and publish them.

DayStar Publishing is not a guarantor of sales and will not supply funds for the printing of any book no matter how promising its chance of sales is. We will not print your book, pay to print your book, nor purchase the entire printing of your book. We also can refuse to be the publisher for your book if we feel we do not want the book associated with DayStar Publishing.

If you are interested in what DayStar Publishing can do for you, we highly recommend that you purchase How to Get Your Book Published by Dr. Samuel C. Gipp. This book answers the questions concerning writing a book, obtained ISBN numbers, Library of Congress numbers and copyright information. In addition, it explains the details for what you must do in order to submit your book for approval.