Fight On!


The collection of true stories in this book are about people who have persevered through hardship and danger. They are great for motivational speakers, sermon illustrations, camp fire stories, or for the lone individual facing life’s daunting tasks who needs a boost to “Fight On!”

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A lone U.S. soldier takes on the whole German Army.

A helpless sailor fist fights with sharks as they attack him.

A mother pays a terrible price to save her child from a fire.

A soldier amputates his own arm while holding four prisoners at bay.

A gallant British soldier pays a horrible price to save his regiment’s colors.

A battle-damaged jet fighter flames out and is pushed to safety by another jet.

A legless man escapes the fires of the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

A prospector takes on two grizzlies at one time, one of them barehanded, and wins!

These true stories and many more!

329 pages, hardcover.

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Dr. Samuel C. Gipp


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