Silent Pastors No Revival


Salvatore Varsalone

Why is this book different?

The author is a convert from the other side of the Bible version issue. There is a game plan laid out for a Repentance/Revival in the church. The oath of the Roman Catholic Jesuits is publicly printed, along with comparative verses and more.

What do you want to do about giving God the right of way to bless us in the age that we live, with a true Repentance/Revival that will make an indelible mark on history?

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Salvatore Varsalone

Church leadership has failed at the levels of our colleges, starting with our professors and the so-called scholars who run our institutions. This failure is passed on to the denominational leaders who control our pastors. A genuine Repentance / Revival in the church now rests upon the shoulders of the people. God is looking for our obedience, especially concerning His Word.

157 pages, softcover.

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Salvatore Versalone


157 pages, softcover.


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